Rob & Kristen: Reunited?

Could it be? Are these epic lovebirds back together? Supposedly, yes.

These two were seen getting goodies at a convenience store in LA a few days ago. So it seems that Robsten is back at it! The officially reunited after a trip alone to NYC last week. Looks like Rob has forgiven Kristen for her infidelity but should he have? I think so.

There are so many different opinions on this topic but I’m going to share MINE. Robsten is epic. They are just an epic couple. Did Kristen make a big mistake by cheating on him? YES. Was she wrong? YES. Did my opinion change of her? Definitely, for a while. I never thought she’d be that type of person. However, NO ONE knows the ins & out of Robsten’s relationship personally. So I can’t make huge judgements based on what the media says. I have heard a few people say that Rob is an idiot for getting back with her or hanging out with her. I disagree. She worked to get him back. She put in a lot of effort to be with him which shows that she genuinely was sorry and acknowledges that she made a mistake. If Rob feels that it was genuine enough, then let it be! They aren’t hurting anyone. You couldn’t have believed that this couple was over for good. I’m mean look at them! The chemistry is ridiculous.

Congrats to Robsten on getting back on track! I bet Twilight fans are excited haha.


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