Beauty: Top Perfumes

It’s time for a beauty post ladies! I’m not in the makeup talking mood today. Today it’s all about fragrances! Every woman wants to smell good right? Well at least I hope so! So I’m going to share with you dolls my top 5 favorite perfumes and try to describe them the best I can. If you like the descriptions enough, then hop over to the department store & try it out. Maybe this post will help you find your new signature fragrance!

Issey Miyake Florale, $72

This perfume is femininity at it’s finest.  It’s a very light perfume and smells amazing. Like this perfume can make someone fall in love. When I first smelled it in Macy’s, I just knew I had to have it. This perfume is my signature scent and lasts a very long time. The scent lingers on clothes for days. The scents in this perfume are mandarin, lily, rose, musk, white wood. When I first smelled it, it smelled like roses and musk. Once it sets on my skin, I could smell a hint of mandarin. The rose and musk are the most predominant smells. You can buy it at any department store or Sephora.

Kim Kardashian Signature Fragrance, $50

This perfume is another favorite of mine. It’s light and feminine just like Issey Miyake but there is something a little different about it. The scents in this perfume are jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, tonka wood, jacaranda wood, and sandalwood. I guess the scents of the wood bring it that uniqueness but nevertheless this perfume smells beautiful. The price varies A LOT depending on what size you get, there are at least 4 different sizes and you can buy it online or in any fragrance store.

Heidi Klum Shine, $15

This perfume is on the heavier side. It’s still feminine but just stronger. Still, it smells great. It kind of smells like Guess Gold. There are so, so, so many different scents going on in this perfume so I’ll just name a few.  Some scents include: mandarin, pear, lily-of-the-valley, sunflower, vanilla and musk.  As you can tell, I’m a fan of musky perfumes haha. Musk definitely gives you a seductive scent & for me that’s the whole point of perfume ;). I got this perfume as a gift so I don’t know where exactly you can buy it but I’m sure you can buy it online.

Curve Crush by Liz Claiborne, $25

This perfume was my signature scent throughout high school. It smells just wonderful. I smelled it on my friend first & was in awe. This scent is fruity and sweet and obviously has MUSK = my favorite! haha. It’s not as light as Issey Miyake or Kim K but definitely smells beautiful. When I first smelled it, I thought “baby”. Like the way I freshly bathed baby smells with their Johnson and Johnson lotion. I’ve had guys say it smells like baby too so I know what I talking about lol. Anyway some the scents in this perfume include crushed citrus, creamed licorice, chai latte, and white orchid. You can buy this perfume ANYWHERE. Walmart even sells it.

Haiku by Avon, $20

This was my signature scent throughout middle school. It smells really strong and kind off weird when you first spray it but once it settles into your skin, it smells great. This is definitely a daytime perfume. Some of the scents in this perfume are jasmine, lilies and citrus. I’m beginning to see a pattern here haha and of course it has musk, duh, otherwise I wouldn’t like it. Anyway you can buy this off Avon or online. I always get it as gift so I’ve never had to shop for it.



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