OUTRAGED: Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey

Now before I forget, I had to go on a rant about the outrage I felt last night when I was told that Alex Pettyfer was going to play the role of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie!  I was pissed, simply PISSED! Now first off, the Fifty Shades series was amazing. I read the whole trilogy in 2 weeks. I’m tired of all these uptight women saying it was porn and disrespectful to women. Give me a freaking break. There was no rape or abuse in the book. Yes, there was BDSM (sexual practices involving dominance and submission) in the book but it happened WITH CONSENT so everyone needs to chill the hell out. The book isn’t porn either, there are different themes in the books besides sex. Is there a lot of sex in the book? YES. However, that is not ALL of it! Anyone who read past the first like 10 chapters would know that!

Anyway now on to the movie, Alex Pettyfer is BEYOND WRONG for the part. I have nothing against him, he is a sexy beast! For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, he starred in I Am Number 4, Magic Mike, and Beastly. I’ll include a picture in the end. Back to the topic, he is not right for the part! When you look at him, he doesn’t exude Christian Grey AT ALL! Ian Somerhalder is the BEST CHOICE or Matt Bomer. I’m not being biased and saying that only because they are my celeb crushes. I’m saying this because it’s TRUTH! Like anyone who read the series would know they would be PERFECT for the role but Alex Pettyfer?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My heart shattered when I found this out! Like I wanted to cry. I’m not being dramatic! This movie needs to be epic just like the book! If it’s anything less than that, I’d be HIGHLY disappointed. All my girlfriends are like “OMG I hope it’s just a rumor!!” but with this world, you never know. It’s highly upsetting and unfair.


If you want more info on this ridiculousness? Check out this Hollywood Life Article

Alex Pettyfer Confirmed To Star In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Film — Source



  1. i have to laugh, because the picture you posted with this article/rant, is the very image i had in my mind’s eye while i read these books. that image, to me, screams christian grey. i am purrrring wildly while i look at it.

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