How To: Red Hair!

It’s been a long journey but I FINALLY have achieved the color I want .. Intense Auburn Red!


It was a long, long process but definitely worth it. Want to know how I got this color? Keep reading. So I didn’t get this color from ONE dye job, who ever does? No one I know ever gets the exact shade the want on the first try, unless you’re doing a heavy color like black. I dyed my hair 3x to get this color! So here’s my story …

My first dye job was done professionally at a salon for $70 bucks. I liked it but it was more of a brownish red. I wanted a more intense color and something more noticeable. So I waited about 3 weeks to dye my hair again. I did a little bit of research and decided to buy Intense Reds by Garnier [box dye] and that was just a complete waste of money & time. The box said that the color is specifically for dark hair but it did nothing. You couldn’t really tell my hair was red, only in the sun. It was sooooo frustrating!

So I decided to do some INTENSE RESEARCH on how to dye my hair red without looking like Ronald McDonald! So I decided to go on youtube & google & lo and behold my fave beauty vlogger Nicole Guerriero had a tutorial on it! The only problem was her hair was BRIGHT RED! I didn’t wanna look like Rihanna so I found out a way to tone down the brightness so here’s what you’ll need if you want this color …


L’oreal Oreor 30 Developer Creme [the higher the developer, the more bright it is]

L’oreal Hi Color in RED HOT

Protein Filler in RED RED

Directions: You’re going to mix all of this together in a dye bowl [you can buy one from any beauty supply store]. Once it’s mixed thoroughly, it’s gonna look like red velvet cake mix. Then you’re going to take a tint brush and start coloring that hair! Once you’re done, leave it in for about 30-40 mins. I left it in for 40 and then wash it all out. WARNING: Your shower will look like a crime scene & if you get any dye on your skin just make sure you wash it out, makeup wipes & alcohol will help get the stains off your skin.

Now, there is ONE downfall to having red hair. The color RUNS no matter what! So use a shampoo and conditioner that deposits and protects color such as John Freida. Also, wash your hair with cold water! It’s a lot of upkeep but worth it if you really want it!


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