Fashion Faves: Tank/Cami Haul

So like every Friday, it’s time for fashion faves babies! This week, I went on a tank and cami haul! Why? Because basic shirts are ALWAYS a necessity! Plus Forever 21 was having a sale, so naturally I went wild !! This is going to be a rather short post because it’s only going to show you the different camis/tanks I bought & where to get them. So here we go…

Forever 21 Basic Scoop Neck Cami, $2.80

So in tribute to Spring, I kept true & decided to go with pastel colors! These are the colors I liked the most. If you’re not into bright colors they have dark and neutral colors as well. The color selection is pretty varied.

Forever 21 Basic Scoop Neck Tank, $5.80

These are my absolute favorites! I love these type of tank tops. I use them for everything, to sleep, to party, to club, to eat, EVERYWHERE! As long as you know how to dress & accessorize … the ways you can wear these tank tops are ENDLESS! I LOVE the color selection they had for these tops too. I wanted to buy every color but I was like “Okay Keana, pump your brakes, you don’t need 15 tank tops” … maybe I do haha. But anyway, these 3 are definitely my fave!

Note: Forever 21 is having a sale on tops starting at $3.99! So get to shopping girlfriends!



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