Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Hey guys! So this post is going to be a pure rant on the ratchetness & ridiculousness that I witnessed on the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Ready? Let’s just get it going …

First off, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Stevie J! He’s the dumbest & biggest asshole on the show. Seriously, I can’t stand him & Mimi is over here looking like a pendeja (for non Spanish speakers it means dumbass/asshole) because she sits there and takes his shit. I know they’ve been together for 12 years but I wouldn’t call that a real relationship because he’s been playing her out for God knows how long! Mimi has to be a stronger woman & bounce, seriously. Not  SAY she’s going to bounce. She needs to really bounce. He takes her as a fool & she just proves him AND Joselin right by sticking about despite the way they disrespect her. She may be a lost cause, legit.

While I’m on the topic of Joselin, she is a BALLSY one. She has a lot of audacity. I’m not a Joselin fan but I’m a hater either. I applaud her for having some type of backbone unlike Mimi. Still, she is crazy disrespectful! I can’t even believe she called Mimi a maid to her face & in front of Stevie! DRAMA! Like I said, she got balls. She could care less!

Now on to K.Michelle … This is another person who I CAN’T STAND! She is always trying to have beef with someone!  If it’s not Karli Redd, it’s Rasheeda, if it’s not her it’s Ariane, if it’s not her it’s gonna be someone else. By looking at the previews, her & Mimi are gonna get into it. Like just shut the hell up & stop being so damn abrasive & annoying … just straight up ratchet, SHEESH!

Now moving onto Erica & Scrappy. I want them to work something out but I feel like Momma Dee & Shay will make that IMPOSSIBLE! Scrappy is going to have to get his priorities straight. Yeah he proposed to Erica, but I’m not sure that honeymoon period is gonna last as long as Shay & Momma Dee are BFFS.

I don’t have much to say about Rasheeda, Karli Redd, or the new chick on the show because nothing major has happened. Stay tuned though because this season is sure to be full of drama & I will keep you updated with rants. That’s a promise.

Wanna see some of the drama? Check it out!


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