Must Have Mint!

Hello lovely people! Let’s talk fashion! Mint is a MUST HAVE in the spring! Everyone knows that and if you don’t you better check yourself bro! Just Kidding! haha. I’m just kidding but really lol … Mint is a MUST HAVE. I myself have invested in mint blouses & pants. I plan on buying some mint accessories very soon! yay!

If you want to go on a mint shopping spree, I suggest looking into Lulu’s or Charlotte Russe. They have a great selection of mint. They each have they’re own mint section on their websites. Lulu’s is a little better than Charlotte Russe’s selection, I must admit. Either way, go out there & get your mint on! Mint is in the rage right now! Don’t be out of the loop. Granted, fashion is subjective but mint is a gorgeous color for the spring!

I wasn’t going to make this a ranting post but what I AM going to do is share with you my favorite mint clothing items & tell you where to get em 😉

LULUS Exclusive Slow Dance Strapless Mint Maxi Dress, $71

Lulu’s Square Necessities Seafoam Green Top, $37

Lulu’s On Your Side Mint and Gold Watch, $23

Lulu’s Moves Like Jagger Mint Jeggings, $42






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