The Mystery of the VOGUE Subscription

So this is pretty weird but totally awesome at the same time! I’m currently doing laundry and I decide to check my mailbox. My regular Seventeen Magazine is there and then I see this Vogue Magazine. They weren’t wrapped in plastic together or anything so they obviously came separate. The weird thing is I’ve never subscribed to Vogue Magazine. I’ve only subscribed to Glamour & Seventeen. My Glamour subscription just expired so I was wondering how did I get this Vogue mag. So I checked the address and it was mine and I was so, so, so confused! So I thought maybe my mother secretly subscribed me as a surprise or something. I call her & nope! She said she never subscribed me to anything. So I decide to do my research & I look up my account number on the Vogue website & lo & behold, I’ve been subscribed to Vogue until Mar 2014!! How? I have no clue. I have no idea. I know I didn’t it unless I have multiple personalities o_O.  But I’m not complaining! Looks like I’ve been mysteriously subscribed to Vogue & it’s been paid for!

I’m gonna go enjoy my magazine, Lata! ❤


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