e.l.f Cosmetics Makeup Collection

e.l.f Master Makeup Collection, $30

Hello all! So I know I skipped my Beauty Faves of the Week & I did it on purpose. I haven’t bought any new makeup since last week. I’ve only purchased repeats of my favorites. I’ll be doing a foundation review soon on the Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation. I meant to buy it last week but I’ve been kind of overwhelmed and life has been hectic so I never got around to it but this Friday I’ll be buying it & I’ll be sure to give you my opinion on it ASAP. So keep your eyes posted!

Anyway, since I broke the rules and decided not to do a beauty faves post, I’m going to enlighten you guys on the makeup I use on a DAILY BASIS … the el.f. Master Makeup Collection. Now, as you know from my past post, I have the e.l.f studio line makeup brushes. So all you must be thinking I’m a HUGE fan of e.l.f cosmetics! I’m not. I’m an eclectic type of person. I like a little bit of everything. I have some E.l.f, some Maybelline, some Revlon, some M.A.C, some Urban Decay, some NYX, etc …. I’m NOT a brand/label whore. If something works for me, it works for me doesn’t matter how much it costs!

So back to my daily makeup. I use this makeup collection mainly for blush, bronzer/highlight, eyeshadow, & lip gloss. I don’t use the concealer because I’ve already found my holy grail concealer. Any who, my fave thing on this makeup collection are the blushes, eyeshadows, & lip glosses. I love blush! This collection comes with 6 blushes and I mainly use 3. I usually mix them cause I like to be creative. My motto is “Your face is a palette”. The lip glosses  actually lasts a pretty long time. They are pretty pigmented too! I still prefer NYX but those are matte lipsticks while the ones in the e.l.f palette are glossy. I favorite thing about the lip glosses are the color variety! As far as the eyeshadows go, they are AMAZING! I don’t put on eyeshadow unless it’s a special event or I’m going out in the night. Either way the eyeshadows are amazing. I use the bronzer for my highlight sometimes because the shimmery color. Milani is still my favorite face powder though.

I would definitely recommend this makeup collection to anyone who is in love with makeup & puts it on a daily basis.


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