Who’s Excited for Iron Man 3?

Who’s ready for Iron Man 3 next month? I sure as hell am! I was blessed enough to have an internship interview with Marvel Entertainment earlier this week & it put me in the entertainment mood! Now, I haven’t heard back yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Pray for me! Anyway, I’ve been so excited about Iron Man 3 since I saw the previews. I usually don’t get excited far in advance for movies but this one is special. I’ve always LOVED Iron Man! Superman comes second haha. My excitement for the new Batman movie doesn’t even come close to my excitement for this movie.

Iron Man is my favoriteeeeeeee. It’s a bonus that he’s played by Robert Downey Jr. I think Downey is the sexiest middle-aged man I’ve ever seen. Everyone says Brad Pitt is but he’s overrated. Gerard Butler comes close to Downey but he doesn’t quite have the same charm haha, but back to the movie! Iron Man 1 & 2 were awesome & with the amazing Avengers movie last summer, I’m sure that Marvel will not disappoint with this new Iron Man film!

I’ve heard so many different things about this film & rumors but I shall not spoil it for fans out there! Just know that it’s seems like it’s going to be an epic film! Watch it May 3rd!!!



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