Nails: Stiletto or Square?

Stiletto vs. Square

So this definitely has been a debate among a number of my girlfriends. Stiletto nails or square nails? Personally, I’ve always been the French manicure type of girl but since the stiletto nail trend came out with all these celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Lana del Rey, I’ve been wanting to get them more & more. There’s something I find attractive about them. Some people call them dragon nails but I feel it all depends on the length. If I were to get stiletto nails, I wouldn’t get them ridiculously long. The picture above is a pretty accurate depiction of what I would want to get. Some people think they look distasteful but I disagree. As long as they aren’t obnoxious looking then there’s no problem. This is fashion people! This is beauty! These nails are pretty damn good looking.

I’m not saying I’m against square nails because they’ve always been my number one but I am saying they might begin to come second best to stiletto nails, since they’ve become so popular. I’ve always been the type of person to try new things, so hey why not? Square nails will always be a classic. I don’t think they’ll die out because the older generation, such as my grandma, are not gonna want to have “dragon nails” haha. Plus there are the plenty of jobs that I’m sure would not allow stiletto nails, such as food service occupations. So yeah square nails are still needed haha. Everyone who has stiletto nails, have told me that they now find square nails unattractive. So, that’s probably how I will feel after getting my nails done haha. Sorry square nails!

What are your opinions? Stiletto nails or square nails?


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