Let’s Talk Hair!

Hey guys! So I wanted to talk about something that has NOTHING to do with makeup bit EVERYTHING to do with beauty! So, why not talk about hair? In this post, I’m going to be discussing my hair journey and what I’ve learned AND what products I recommend EVERYONE should use! This will be a rather lengthy post, so sit back, relax, & enjoy 😉

So my natural hair color is dark brown. It’s thick and naturally curly/wavy. Now when I say thick people, I mean thick! I was born with a full set of hair…straight out the womb! I didn’t start altering my hair until I hit high school. So pre-high school I had long, thick, dark brown hair. In high school, I decided to experiment with colors and lengths. So first … here is a picture of me with straight hair & one with natural curly hair….


So now you have the idea of texture & thickness.  Now, let’s move on to my hair color journey. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Here we go …  I went from natural dark brown -> caramel highlights -> dark brown -> blonde -> light brown -> black -> brown with red/orange tone ->more neutral brown -> dark brown -> auburn red ! Auburn red is my current hair color. So let’s see this journey in picture form, shall we?

Yes, it’s been quite an intense journey! As you can see from the pictures, my hair color isn’t the only thing that’s changed. I’ve cut my hair several times so let’s a hair cut journey. Once again, PAY ATTENTION: I went from long hair [past shoulder] -> bob cut -> medium length [shoulder length] ->pixie cut -> bob. It’s definitely a shorter journey. Right now, I’m in the transition of growing my hair out soo my hair is currently between bob & medium length.

So there you have it, I’ve been through an INTENSE hair transition. Why? Well because I’m an impulsive individual & my mood changes from time to time. One thing I am going to promise is there will be no more chopping or snipping of the hair unless it’s a trim. I miss long hair, immensely! Now on to hair tips! ….

1. Have split ends? Solution: TRIM your hair! Unless you’re hair is beyond damage then you should just chop it off significantly. That was one of the reasons I decided to go with the pixie cut. My hair had a lot of breakage aka split ends. How do you know if you have split ends? It’s real easy. If you comb your hair & you see random hair strands in the sink [uneven, dry, brittle] then you have split ends. Also if your ends are dry and frayed looking, you have split ends! Tresemme Slip End Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner works wonders for split ends too! Another way to stop split ends, it stop using so much heat on your hair! BAD, BAD, BAD! Heat is no good in intense temperatures. Don’t flat iron your hair while it’s wet… EVER. Don’t put your hair dryer to max temperature either.

2. Dry hair? Deep condition your hair EVERY WEEK & use COCONUT OIL! Deep conditioning your hair will help so much with dryness & split ends. Coconut Oil is a GOD SEND! It reduces protein loss in your hair & just nourishes your hair amazingly! The deep conditioners I use is Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment. Miss Jessie’s products are specifically made for people with curly hair so if you have curly hair buy it! I don’t buy a specific brand of coconut oil, they all pretty much work the same. I use it on damp hair. Then I wrap up my hair & sleep on it. Another amazing product is BIOSILK! You can get it at any drugstore. It’s a serum that helps damaged hair. It makes your hair feel like silk after using heat products. Use it on dry hair not wet.

3. Wanna dye your hair? Don’t go from blonde to black or black to blonde!!!! You have NO IDEA how DAMAGING that is to your hair. No clue. You have no clue. Black is a HEAVY color. BLONDE usually requires bleach unless your hair color is naturally light. Bleach STRIPS your hair which is extremely damaging!!! So if you wanna go black from blonde go to a medium brown then go black. Wanna go black to blonde? Lighten your hair first to a medium brown then try blonde.

4. Wanna grow your hair? Take tons of vitamins & stop mistreating your hair with a bunch of products and heat. Biotin is amazing for hair growth. Folic Acid is another amazing vitamin. Folic Acid helps make your hair stronger and builds up the protein. Stop using heat products so much & when you do always use HEAT PROTECTANT. My personal fave is Got2B’s Guardian Angel.

So that’s what I’ve learned throughout my long hair journey. Questions or concerns? Leave a comment down below! I hope you enjoyed talking about hair!<3


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