Weekly Fashion Faves

It’s about that time of the week. It’s FRIDAY! TGIF! The weather in Buffalo is pretty damn depressing & bipolar. It’s been raining for the past3 days and tomorrow it’ll be snowing BUT Monday it’s going to be 75 degrees? Yeah it’s pretty damn ridiculous. Anyway who wants to know about the weather when what you really want to know is about what are my favorite fashion items of the week?! Let’s do this.

Lulu’s V-sionary Black Top, $36

I’m in love with this top. I have no clue why but I just think it looks so attractive. Maybe it’s because the model looks great in it. But I love sheer tops that are long like this. I know it’s spring time and this shirt is black but whatever haha this simple shirt was calling my name & I just had to have it. I would wear this shirt with coral pants to bring out the spring time in this outfit even though it’s still freezing outside -_-.

Lulu’s Link Ahead Gold Watch, $22

I am a watch addict. I don’t buy them as often as I’d like because the financial situation of a college student isn’t all great haha. But I decided to treat myself to a new watch. My favorite watch style is boyfriend. I hate skinny, feminine watches. I like the big ones. Unfortunately, I have pretty small wrists so I always have to get some links taken out. Anyway, I love this watch and it’s a pretty reasonable price. Usually, the watches I buy range around $150-$300 but thank God Lulu’s sells cute watches so I won’t go bankrupt haha.

F21’s Lantern Sleeve Georgette Top, $24.80

This is a spring time shirt! I’m in love with the color. This shirt comes 2 colors Coral & Cream but in my opinion the Coral is definitely prettier. I plan to wear this as soon as it comes in the mail. I’m just in love with this top! I can’t stand how amazing this top looks.  This is definitely my favorite out of everything I’ve bought this week! A must buy if you’re into bright colors 🙂



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