Kendall Jenner: Victoria’s Secret Model?

 It’s been reported Kendall Jenner is interested in becoming a Victoria’s Secret Model. She states that it’s always been a dream of hers and it’s something that she can do apart from her sister Kylie. I think that Kendall is gorgeous, first off. I think that she has a great personality. From watching her on reality tv and reading articles about her, I think she’d be a great match for Victoria’s Secret. HOWEVER, there is a flaw that I find. I think Kendall is pretty thin, a little too thin actually. Relax, I’m not saying she’s anorexic or bulimic what I am saying some of the clothes she wears just hangs on her. She’s a beautiful girl but she it wouldn’t hurt to gain 5 pounds. It’s been rumored that she’s been bullied for being too thin, which is pretty harsh. High school can be brutal! She’s not unattractively skinny. She just could use a pound or two more. To read more about Kendall modeling and watch a video of her discussing her modeling plans, click on the link below 😉


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