Beauty Faves or Not?…

So we’re switching it up! Instead of doing a beauty faves of the week I’m going to talk about something that relates to beauty …. preventing & getting rid of ACNE! Yes, acne plagues a majority of people whether it’s severe or moderate. Everyone has had  a pimple once in their lifetime and if someone is telling you they haven’t, they are lying. I suffer from occasional breakouts due to my period [periods ruin everything!]. Nothing worked AMAZINGLY for me. I’ve tried Proactiv but sheesh they are a little to expensive to be upkeeping with, besides my acne isn’t that severe. Max Clarity worked pretty well BUT they went out of business. I’ve tried a few over the counter products but nothing was really a God send until …… I found a dynamic duo that works PERFECT.

My daily face routine consists of washing my face morning and night and putting on an acne cream every morning. The best face wash ever is Cetaphil! My skin type is oily. I’m serious it is OILY! I used to have combo skin but that changed once I hit college. It’s oily as ever especially on my T-Zone. Cetaphil works great. It’s gentle but effective. My doctor recommended it a long, long time ago when I was in middle school but I was too lazy to keep up with a routine.  The also have a lotion but I don’t use it. You can find Cetaphil pretty much at any drugstore or supercenter. I bought mine for about $8 bucks, it depends on the size you buy.

Now on to my favorite acne fighting cream! Clean and Clear Persa Gel-10 is a God send … literally! It’s maximum strength and has 10% benzoyl peroxide. If you know a good amount about acne, you’ll know that benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria so that you won’t breakout. You can buy it for about $6-10 bucks. I use this every morning, sometimes in the nigh too depending on how bad my face is. I also use it as a spot treatment. One thing you have to be careful about is over applying. This product has the potential to over dry your face is you over use it. Your skin needs to get used to the strength of the product first. It says it on the back of the tube. Otherwise, this product is crazy amazing. So, for those acne sufferers out there, try this & see how it works for you! I hope it does 🙂



  1. I have heard a lot of great things about the Cetaphil face wash. I personally use Yes to Carrots face wash which I find amazing. I tried the Cetaphil moisturizer and I feel like it fell flat. I use the Eurecin moisturizer and it has helped clear up a lot of my dry skin and other issues. I think I’m going to try the Cetaphil face wash just to see if it will work on my dry skin.

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