Top 3 Mascaras

It’s beauty time babies! Time to indulge in my faves 🙂 It was between foundations & mascaras but I’m hoping to do a new foundation review very soon so I wanted to hold off on that. So mascara it is! I’m going to let you in on my fave mascaras in the universe. Sometimes I layer them, sometimes I use only one but either way they are freaking awesome! Buy them .. seriously.

L’oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes is my holy grail! It is my number 1. I’ve been obsessed with this mascara since high school. It’s never failed me & it makes my eyelashes look gorgeous. I can’t stand how well this mascara works. I’ve never found anything that tops this. Some mascaras have come close but never outdo this one! It’s about 9 bucks at CVS, a little on the pricier but DEFINITELY worth it! I’ve converted so many people to this mascara. So it’s your turn to convert!


Maybelline’s Volum Express Rocket  is a new love of mine. It gives me amazing volume and length. The only con I have to say about this one is it’s a pain in the ass to remove. I always take off my mascara with makeup wipes of baby oil so it’s not a big deal to me. It’ll stay on your eyelashes FOREVER. So that can be a good thing or bad thing, depending if you’re out for more than 24 hours with mascara on haha. It’s a really wet mascara so it has the potential to get a little messy. Either way it’s still a great mascara and I use it on a weekly basis. It’s about 7 bucks depending where you buy it.


Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Mega Plush is pretty great. It holds true to it’s advertising. It gives me pretty good volume but not too much length or anything like that. It’s NEVER brittle or flaky ever! It’s definitely PLUSH. My eyelashes feel like there’s barely anything on it. If you want a more subtle eyelash look, this is definitely the mascara for you! I use this on my calmer days, not on my glam days. I usually use this mascara as a last layer so my eyelashes aren’t so rough or clumpy looking. This mascara is GREAT for separating lashes that are clumpy! I usually pay about $6-7 bucks for this mascara.




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