Chasing Mavericks .. A Must Watch

I haven’t updated my blog is a couple of days. So today, in this depressing, rainy city of Buffalo, I’m going to update you guys with a little entertainment. (:

I saw the movie, Chasing Mavericks, a couple of weeks ago. I meant to blog about it but the college life had me overwhelmed & I was deep into my shopping addiction so it never came up again in my mind. Today during lunch with my friend, we were talking about scuba diving & the movie came up & it like *lightbulb*! I gotta talk about the movie on my blog! So here’s my opinion.

Chasing Mavericks is freaking awesome! Point blank & the period. If you guys haven’t seen the trailer, it’s about a teenage boy who wants to learn to ride the largest wave known to man = mavericks. The movie came out last year but who gives a damn? I saw it late & I’m telling everyone out there who hasn’t watched it… watch it! It’s a great movie. The genre of the movie is drama for those of you who like suspense. I’m not an emotional person at all but this movie is a legit tear jerker. If you don’t find the plot interesting, watch it simply because Gerard Butler is in the movie đŸ˜‰

I don’t want to go too much into & spoil it so here’s the trailer. I hope you guys watch it & enjoy it!


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