Confessions of a Shopaholic

Nope, I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about ME. I have a shopping addiction & I used to be in denial but then after seeing how much money I spend on clothes & makeup, I believe that I have a severe problem haha.

My mom always used to complain that I always spend my money recklessly & I would always say “I just want nice things *hysterically crying emoji*!” But the reality is, my closet is BONKERS! I give a way a garbage bag full of clothes to the Salvation Army every year. What I like to wear changes from year to year. There are some things that I never throw out but for the most part I give away most of my old clothes which just gives me an excuse to by more & more clothes.

Almost all of my paycheck goes to clothes or makeup. If I’m spending $70 at CVS on makeup .. that is a PROBLEM lol! Online shopping is my guilty pleasure. When I’m sad or depressed, I NEED retail therapy! It just makes me feel good inside. I put things in my wish list, then when I get paid .. I BUY AS MUCH AS I CAN! But don’t get it twisted, I definitely get some sweet deals! I’m subscribed to ALL my favorite stores.

So maybe I do have a problem, but so what? haha there is nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty & look good. What feminine lady doesn’t like to shop?! I just do it excessively :). As long as I’m a college student with no real bills to pay then I’m good. Might as well enjoy it now before I hit the real world ❤


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