Holy Grail Beauty Product!

I was thinking of putting this in my must haves but it isn’t something I just came across & it isn’t something that I’m ever going to get bored of. So with that said my holy grail beauty product is ….


The Beauty Blender aka that pink makeup sponge

Sephora, $20

The beauty blender is just … GAH! I can’t believe how flawless it looks. It’s like the best thing invented. I use it for my foundation & concealer. My face looks airbrushed after using it. It’s just beautiful. My face looks dewy & just clean. No streaks, no missing spots, nothing! Just pure beauty.

Now, you don’t use the beauty blender like you’re average makeup sponge. You use it damp. So you have to run it under water for a few seconds then squeeze the excess water & voila, you’re ready to use it! You will fall in love with this product. Seriously, you will fall in LOVE. I don’t know what the hell I was doing with my life before this product came into my life! Celebs even use it so it must be awesome!!

I would post a video of using it but my camera is missing & I’m not going to post it from my laptop camera cause the quality isn’t so great :/ BUT what I will do is include a video of one of my fave beauty vloggers, Nicole Guerriero, using it & talking about how freaking amazing it is!

Buy it! No questions. You WON’T regret it!



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