Top 3 Faves of the Week: Beauty ! <3

As promised, every week I’ll be doing a 3 top faves in beauty & fashion & ONE rant on an entertainment topic! So here my top faves for beauty .. enjoy darlings ❤

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil. $8

I bought this magical pencil duo in CVS for about $8 bucks with tax. The color I have is deep brown. This is amazing. It makes filling your brows a lot easier. Now as you can see from my photo, I don’t have thin brows naturally but I DO like to shape my brows & this this the perfect pencil that allows me to do that. It’s like a dupe of the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Definitely buy it if you’re into eyebrow maintenance like me. One pencil will last you about a month or so, depending how often you use it. I use it daily so I’ll probably have to buy a new one within the next 2 weeks or so. You can find these at any drugstore.

Prestige Cosmetics Primed & Ready Face Primer, $12

I never used to use face primers because I never realized how HUGE my freaking pores were! My pores are so HUGE around my nose it’s ridiculous & horrifying. So being the broke college student I was, I bought a 3 dollar primer from E.L.F cosmetics & it wasn’t doing it for me so I took it up a notch & bought this one from Ulta (the beauty heaven store). This primer is pretty great. It fills your pores, reasonably priced, & lasts a pretty good amount of time. I won’t have to buy another one for about a month & a half. You don’t need too many pumps to get it on your whole face. One pump will suffice. It has a silicone feeling so it goes on really smooth & your face feels so soft after. Your makeup will just glide on! So yeah ladies, try it out.

NYX Round Case Lipsticks, $4

Out of all my fave lipstick brands, NYX is my fave. I love their color selection & beautiful my lips look after applying their lipsticks. I bought 4 different lipsticks from Ulta for $4 bucks each. The colors I bought were Snow White (deep red), Christie (shimmery pink), Milan (nude/bronze), & Louisiana (hot pink). My favorite colors are Snow White & Milan. They fit me best. NYX also has their matte lipstick line which are $6 dollars each at Ulta. Both brands are great but I personally buy more of the Round Case ones. So definitely check those out if you’re into lipstick & “wow” colors.

That’s all for my top 3 of the week for beauty ladies. Stay Classy.


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