Kimye Baby’s … BOY OR GIRL!

welcome to the entertainment topic of the week!


I have NO clue … BUT I have a strong feeling it’s a girl. So many rumors are floating around but I’m almost certain it’s a girl. I don’t have any CONCRETE evidence haha but I have intuition. Kim K is keeping her lips shut so we won’t know until she’s ready to tell us or until she’s giving birth! On the Jay Leno show, she said she likes the name Easton … hmm at first that sounds like a boy’s name but it could  be unisex.

I still don’t even believe that she’s pregnant. I don’t know what kind of mother she’ll be. I think Kourtney Kardashian is a great mom & Kim seems like a cool aunt but being a mother is completely different, not that I know from experience of course! But mommy love & aunt love are different types of love.

Shockingly,  during her interview she said that hopefully the baby doesn’t get involved in the entertainment business. I’m pretty shocked cause I think Kim loves her fame, she sure acts like it but hey everything has it’s downsides. Hopefully, we find out the sex of the baby soon!

I’m gagging to know !

To see her interview with Jay Leno, check out these links from youtube ❤


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